Ramp NоЗ and Aircraft stands at airport complex  “Pulkovo-2”

Development: 2018
Location: Saint-Petersburg
Main technical and economical indicators: 
Airport class: А, 4F
Design aircraft: IL-96-300, Boeing- 747-400 and А-380 with limitations
Aircraft stands: 19
Ramp and apron square: 165 000 m2

The reconstruction included a number of measures for the installation of a new coating on Ramp No. 3, including:
- disassembly of existing coatings
- dismantling of the drainage system
- replacement of the existing drainage layer
- removal of waterlogged, heaving soils
- construction of a new drainage system
- construction of artificial base, providing effective drainage of water and protection against frost heaving
- construction of a new artificial coating, designed for the required operational loads
- marking of apron artificial coverings, including aircraft parking places, taxiways, etc.