Airport “Minsk”

Development: 2015-2018
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Runway class: «А»
Runway code: «4F» (ICAO)
Design aircraft: B777-300ER, А380, В747-400, IL-96-300, An-124 and An-225
Landing minimum ICAO: «category IIIA» one side and «category I» other side
Total area of aerodrome surfaces: 542 225 m2

Main technical and economical indicators: 
Total area (buildings): 423,49 m2 
Total structural (volume): 60 061,20 m3
Number of buildings and structures: 100+
Categories of roads:
IV category 2-way road
V category 2-way road
Overall length of roads: 9,4 km and 5,6 km

The design scope by Institute Lenaeroproject (2018) includes the construction of the second artificial runway with auxiliary facilities for the Design type of aircraft A-380 with installation of precision approach system.