Airport complex “Kyzyl”

Development: 2014-2015
Location: Kyzyl, Tyva republic
Main technical and economical indicators:
Total area: 6 440 151 m2
Total area (buildings): 193 390 m2
Annual passenger traffic: 25786 passengers
Annual freight traffic: 14245 t
The capacity of the airport complex (total): 
domestic airlines - 250 passenger per hour

Reconstruction project in accordance with the Federal Special-Purpose Program "Development of the transport system of Russian Federation (2010 - 2020)" for the operation of the Design aircraft Boeing 737-400. The project “Reconstruction of the airport complex (Kyzyl)” provides design solutions for geometric parameters of all elements of the aerodrome adopted for class “B” aerodromes, the construction of water-treatment facilities, pumping stations, and power supply facilities.